6 Series to Choose From

  • The Classic Series offers affordable structures with modest architecture for typical storage and workspace. A tradition of quality that has been a customer favorite since our first build. 

  • The Heritage Series maximizes wall height and roof pitch for handsome architecture to the perceptive homeowner. Architectural upgrades provide not only a distinguished look, but also enhanced weather protection.

  • The Farmhouse Series is guaranteed to add eye appeal to any backyard with timeless architecture. Its handsome roofline, timber frame accents, and dark windows provide the distinctive look sought by the Farmhouse fans.

  • The Craftsman Series takes your possibilities to a new level with space for a full loft. Think storage, workshop, cabin, garage. Its innovative roof design allows minimal onsite setup.

  • Chicken coops, horse shelters, and dog houses to keep your livestock and pets safe and sound. These structures come with built-in features to make your chores a breeze.

  • The Homesteader Series gives permanent value to your homestead with a concrete foundation and architecture to match residential dwellings.